Themed Cupcakes: The Return

Right, so, between the book and my discovery (after about 200 million others) of Facebook, I just haven’t found myself in the mood much for blogging. Nor have I had the time. But if I really wanted to blog I’d have found the time and not started playing Sonny.

Anyway, some photos to tide y’all over until I get in the blogging mood again, or the book gets wrapped up or something like that. Today’s Julia’s baby shower, and that meant one thing to me: Cupcakes! So since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, I went gender-specific in both directions:


I had some Necco wafers and Smarties left from a gift bag and they turned out as fun kind of flowers. Naturally when I saw Martha Stewart’s Web site and came across the little birdies in the nest I thought, “Now, that would have been great, if I actually had spare time. And spare coconut shreds. And a pipette. And no life.”

These’ll do, pig, these’ll do.
2022 EDIT: Apparently with the demise of Flash, “Sonny” no longer works at the original link. Try this one (thanks, June)!


  1. mikecap on 9/11/08 at 12:43 pm

    You should sign up on Kongregate!  They have Sonny and a bunch of other games.  Then you can friend me and I can get points…  🙂