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Randee Dawn

Journalist | Author | Storyteller


2.25.19 The joys of taking books on vacation

One of the great joys of vacation, for me, is a chance to arrive at my location and dive into a book. It sounds counter-intuitive — to travel hours in order to disappear into yet another world — but I just adore traveling through a city or the countryside, finding a perfect location, and getting…

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08.13.16 Exit, pursued by meat bees

The meat bees are humming. We came to this incredible little beauty spot in Three Rivers, California (near the Sierra Mountains) a few days ago; we leave in just a few more. And because of this lucky find on HomeAway, I’m able to sit outside with the latest draft of my story — I’m trying…

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3.21.16 20 Years in NYC, Pt. 3: ‘Many worlds I’ve come since I first left home’

I got on the train and the car was quiet. Very quiet. As we curled around Queensboro Plaza and got that great east side view of the city you could still see black and gray smoke trailing from the south end of Manhattan, as if the place had sprung a leak or caught fire. The train trundled past and we all moved to the window to watch until the bend on the tracks curved us out of the way. Then we went back to our seats and avoided each others’ eyes.

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12.31.15 ‘Last stop’

We’ve been hanging in the woods. This is the first day we’ve seen sun. Birdie has taken to the woods like she was born to them. And being a West Highland Terrier, she certainly is made for a slightly more rugged terrain than our living room. Watching her plug her little nose to the ground…

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11.27.15 ‘Our eyes can be just the right size’

Since we are now on that steep snowbank of holiday season, careening at gathering speed from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa to Festivus to New Years to Oh Lord Another Year Has Passed, I offer up my annual tradition: My short story, “Home for the Holidays,” which combines a feud, holiday lights, and … murder. You’ll never see decorations the same way again.

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