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Randee Dawn

Journalist | Author | Storyteller

New York City

9.07.17 NYRSF Reading in Brooklyn – Randee Dawn and Cassandra Khaw

In case you missed my New York Review of Science Fiction reading with Cassandra Khaw on Wednesday, September 6, you can now view the whole thing in living color via Livestream! Alas, it doesn’t seem that I can embed it here, but just click through and you’ll do fine!  

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10.10.16 Berry, flashin’ those high beams

We all deserve the same level of treatment, the same level of respect. And if I could guarantee that no one would ever give me a pass again for whatever superficial element of my appearance might make them decide to do so — so that everyone else’s appearance would also not matter when it comes to violations of the law — I would happily pay the fine.

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6.13.16 ‘Til the world turns upside down’

Hamilton comes along at a surly time in American history. We are at a stage where we no longer trust our captains, where we believe everything below decks is made of barnacled, rotting wood. Where we have two people running for the highest office in the land – one Hamilton himself never achieved – one of whom will help steer the course for our country’s future as the world slowly turns upside down.

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04.27.16 ‘Send me postcards from your journey, dear novel’

Getting your book published is a series of lottery wins: Assuming you’ve written something worthy, it is a lottery to earn an agent. It is another lottery for that book to end up on bookshelves and in the hands of eager readers. And it is a further lottery to actually please enough readers that you get to do it again, and again, and again. If you win all three lotteries, you have a successful novel!

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