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Find out what I've been up to in the non-fiction field by checking out these recent articles I've written covering the entertainment industry or, as some might say, the show of biz.

Necco Wafers candies make a sweet comeback after 2-year absence

If you’ve been craving the classic candy known as Necco Wafers, for the past two years, you’ve been out of luck. Amazon doesn’t have them. Ebay might — for a price — but bear in mind that any rolls would be at least two years old. Soon, that’s about to…


I'm a Brooklyn-based author and journalist who focuses on speculative fiction across the categories (science-fiction, fantasy and horror) at night, while writing entertainment and lifestyle stories during the day for publications including Today.com, NBCNews.com, Variety, The Los Angeles Times and Emmy Magazine.



4.7.20 Christopher Meloni talks ‘Law & Order: SVU’, Part 3: Emmy competition, unstable Stabler

Big news for Law & Order: SVU fans: Det. Elliot Stabler is coming back! OK, not to SVU, but to his own series! Back in 2008 I was writing The Law & Order: SVU Unofficial Companion…