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Find out what I've been up to in the non-fiction field by checking out these recent articles I've written covering the entertainment industry or, as some might say, the show of biz.

From Overmedication to Past Success Stories, ‘Dr. Phil’s’ 20th Anniversary Season Is Stacked and Timely

Today’s television landscape would look like an alien planet to visitors from 2002. Cable had only begun to hit its stride with original programming, “streaming” TV had not yet taken hold, binging an entire new series in a weekend wasn’t possible. And despite the existence of hundreds of channel options,…


I'm a Brooklyn-based author and journalist who focuses on speculative fiction across the categories (science-fiction, fantasy and horror) at night, while writing entertainment and lifestyle stories during the day for publications including Today.com, NBCNews.com, Variety, The Los Angeles Times and Emmy Magazine.



11.29.21 DisConIII (aka WorldCon) schedule – December 15-19

Come find me at DisConIII (aka WorldCon) in Washington, D.C. from Dec. 15-19! I’ll be paneling, partying, reading and selling. Here’s my schedule (subject to change)! Fannish Pictionary Palladian Ballroom Wednesday, Dec. 15, 4:00 PM Bring…