Magic for Beginners

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Title: Magic for Beginners: A Charity Anthology for Kids
Release Date: August 7, 2019
Pages: 221
ISBN13: 978-1082454455



All great witches and wizards have to start somewhere. Everyone has to learn to control their abilities, whether they have been preparing their whole lives to come into their powers or if it was a surprise. These 18 stories show kids as they first learn to use their magic and what adventures they bring. A Fantasia Divinity Anthology for Charity


As far as Queen Zoë was concerned, the new year – which was less than 24 hours old – was a bust.

Outfitted in her heaviest, clompiest hiking boots she hurled herself into the inn's great front room and scouted for something to knock over. She spied a plastic toy crèche set up on a nearby table, kicked a wooden leg and sent Jesus, Joseph and two wise men flying. A little rock fence flopped over after a will-it-won't-it moment of wobbling. Mary remained kneeling, like she was praying not to get kicked.

That made Zoë feel better.

For a moment.