Where We May Wag

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Title: Where We May Wag
Published by: Writing Piazza
Release Date: May 12, 2018
Pages: 220
ISBN13: 978-0996988322



My short story, “The Last Dog,” appears in Where We May Wag, compiled by The Writing Piazza. Each story will deal with the notion of rescue and animals, and all proceeds will go to Rescue+Freedom Project. For those worrying these stories will be hard to read, note that they are all about rescue — and in the case of my tale (tail?), we have a dog who rescues herself.


The last dog sees her chance and bolts.
She squirms and wriggles and nips until she escapes the rubber-gloved hands and then she is out the van door, a streak of light propelling herself into the road, hind legs pumping across heaved-up concrete, toes gripping broken sidewalk. Her pupils contract in the bright sun, expand in the dark shade. She weaves through stalks of legs, slides past strangers' grasping hands, ignores shouts at her back. Ignores her name.
She will not be going with the people in the van today.
Nor any other day.