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Randee Dawn

Journalist | Author | Storyteller


01.23.17 Kick out the White House press corps? Oh, please do!

The Orwellian playbook the new White House administration has been using now has a new phrase: “alternative facts.” That’s how spokesperson Kellyanne Conway characterized new press secretary Scott Spicer’s assertion of attendance at Friday’s inaugural of the new POTUS. But she also had this gem to add, speaking to “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd:…

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11.12.16 ‘I’m done with you people’

I saw a headline this morning that read something like “Mike Pence doesn’t accept evolution, and here’s why that matters,” here was my reaction: I’m done with you people. Utterly spent, completely done, worn down, nothing but raw bone showing. I think I’ve been done since I went to bed in tears around 11pm on Tuesday…

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