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Randee Dawn

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11.27.15 ‘Our eyes can be just the right size’

Since we are now on that steep snowbank of holiday season, careening at gathering speed from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa to Festivus to New Years to Oh Lord Another Year Has Passed, I offer up my annual tradition: My short story, “Home for the Holidays,” which combines a feud, holiday lights, and … murder. You’ll never see decorations the same way again.

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New religion

Skipped SXSW, the film/interactive/music extravaganza nuttiness in Austin, TX this year. Didn't miss it. Even more strangely, I didn't blink much when I learned that The Band of My Youth would be headlining a show at Stubb's, one of the best rib joints in the city, and home to big acts during the madness (including…

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