6.25.16 When was the last time you cleaned….

Though I usually shy away from the word, I’m going to give myself a pass on this one. Some serious adulting was done this afternoon.

I give you exhibit F. (I neglected to take pictures of Exhibits A-G, but I promise you, they were there.)

Aw crap

Sorry about that photo. Here’s a unicorn chaser to make things go away:

unicornchaserSo, when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine?

We moved into our new home just about a month ago. And yay! It came with a washer and dryer of relatively recent mint!

I was either a renter or a co-op owner my whole life (or sponging off of the parents) and never had a washer and dryer of my very own. They were always communal. I was new to the major appliance owning thing.

But after a wash or two I said, “Honey, do you notice how the washing machine smells a little … mildewy?”

Boy howdy, was it.

Thank goodness for Google, which informed me that yes, washing machines can get funky and there are ways to fix them. Also, see if your machine has a “self-clean” mode. Ours did. But there were clearly places like the gasket or the soap dispenser (Exhibit F is the undercarriage of same) a self-clean wasn’t going to get to. And that’s what this one looked like before Super Tilex and Heroine All-Purpose Cleaner and their Sidekick Bounty got into the act.

This is not a request for a pat on the head. It’s called adulting because you just have to deal with things. But honestly, without that funky smell I would never have thought to clean the inside of my washing machine.

So, I’ll ask again — when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine?

And for those of you who still use the communal ones … how clean are those?

Happy rest of the weekend!



P.S. For a fun (if a little raw) tale of how a man came to appreciate his new girlfriend’s washing his clothing and generally tidying up his life, enjoy this.

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