7.16.21 It was 57 years ago today … The Beatles stayed in our hotel room

MK-album wall

Did you know you can stay in the same hotel room The Beatles lodged in for a single night, on August 21, 1964? In Seattle, Washington?

Now you do. And that’s what we did!

The Edgewater Hotel, where this momentous event took place, has made a certain amount of hay out it all. (Not our stay, the Beatles’.) According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, just having the Fab Four staying over for a night (in a room, I’d like to note, which is spacious but rather small for four lads) may have even saved the hotel back in the day.

During their stay, the band took several photos in which they were shown fishing out of the windows (the entire hotel resides on a pier, and as I was writing this a sunset cruise sailed so close to our window that when I waved the cruisers waved back), and made the hotel owners very, very happy.

And today, the entire room is done up perfectly for Beatles’ fans. From the record player/radio to the small stash of albums (including, of course, some by The Beatles) to the artwork on the walls (including the famous fishing-from-the-window image, album covers, and illustrations of the guys, plus other B/W photos of them generally being their charming selves), to a bowl of faux giant diamonds (can’t be a coincidence), to an assembled Lego Yellow Submarine (the minifigs of the band are all there except John, and the front desk is quite miffed at that), and so on and so on.

I’d been searching for a way to celebrate my lovely spouse M’s birthday, which was smack in the middle of our stay in Seattle. So while searching for hotel suites (his insomnia means we need a bit more room than the average couple), I stumbled across the hotel, then saw they had a Beatles Suite and … well, I grabbed it even before the hotel was officially back open for business.

And now I can share it with you! The service here has been impeccable, and they’re quick to respond to things like a light being out. The TVs (there’s one in the bedroom and a second flat screen in the living area, above the fireplace) have been iffy, but otherwise this has been an amazing room for the past three nights. We have views of Elliot Bay you would not believe, and have soaked in the sunset every night.

We did not go fishing. But that OMG enormous cruise ship in the background has been berthed there the entire time.

And we did dance to some of the tunes on Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962, as spun out on the record player.

Because it was here. Because they were here once, too.