11.29.21 DisConIII (aka WorldCon) schedule – December 15-19


Come find me at DisConIII (aka WorldCon) in Washington, D.C. from Dec. 15-19! I’ll be paneling, partying, reading and selling. Here’s my schedule (subject to change)!

Fannish Pictionary
Palladian Ballroom
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 4:00 PM
Bring your artistic talent (or lack thereof!) and join the fun guessing fannish phrases, titles, or characters, based on drawings by you or your fellow fans.
Also scheduled to appear:  Yakira, Jennifer Rhorer, Sarah Gulde and Scott Edelman  

Stroll with the Stars
Lobby, then outside
Thursday, December 16, 9:00 AM
I’ll be strolling with fellow authors and fans! Come join us, just meet in the lobby and look for a group of us with our coats on.

Streaming Services and You
Forum Room
Thursday, December 16, 4:00 PM
Speculative media content is increasingly offered through subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and CBS All Access. Do your subscriptions reflect your identity as a consumer and fan? What does it say if you subscribe to Britbox and Shudder versus Prime and Disney+?
Also scheduled to appear: Matt G. Leger, Diana M. Pho, Perrianne Lurie, Pamela K Kinney  

Kaffeeklatsch with Randee Dawn
Suite 325 Dining Room
Thursday, December 16, 7:00 PM
Come meet me, sit with me, snack with me! I’ll bring a post-dinner dessert.  

Interviewing 101: How To Talk to the Press   
Virtual (stay tuned for link)
Friday, December 17, 11:30 AM
Got a book coming out? Got a project you want people to know about? Are you an expert in something? Then you need to get your voice heard in the media! It’s not as scary as you might think it is, but good prep, a little research and some training can turn you into the kind of source reporters will want to speak to again and again. I’m here to help! 

Signing: Randee Dawn
Autographs 3
Friday, December 17, 2:30 PM  
I’ll sign anything! Just bring it my way. But I’d prefer if it was one of my books or articles (I’ll be selling some as well).

Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Cabinet Room
Friday, December 17, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM
Broad Universe is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, encouraging, honoring, and celebrating women and alternatively-gendered writers and editors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative genres. Come hear several “broads” read short excerpts from their works. Think of it as a tasting menu to help you find your next favorite author!
Also scheduled to appear: Elle E. Ire, Roberta Rogow, Carol Gyzander, D. H. Timpko, Maggie Slater, Kathryn Sullivan, K.G. Anderson, LJ Cohen, Elizabeth Crowens  

They Flubbed the Landing: Disappointing Finales
Diplomat Ballroom
Saturday, December 18 10:00 AM
Why is it so difficult to come up with an ending for a long-running TV or film series that satisfies fans, creators, and critics? Do finales fall apart because writers try too hard to please everyone? Panelists will discuss endings that weren’t satisfying, why they didn’t work, and what could have been done differently. Also scheduled to appear: Jennifer R. Povey, Hildy Silverman, Matthew S. Rotundo      

Hope to see you there! Be sure to reach out and say “hi”!