A few thoughts and an offer

Thank you, United Health Care. Since there is no generic of Zymar, I've now forked over $45 for another 5 ml of the lifesaving antidote to cancer — eye antibiotic.


It's so cold in my office that …

When I stepped outside today and thought "furnace!" I actually also thought, "Sweet relief."

I think the temperature of New York City dipped a full degree thanks to the extra A/C radiating off of my person.


Who wants to go see "Harry Potter and the Order of the Rebellious Adolescents" er, "Phoenix" on July 9? I can bring a guest. And no, it's not a premiere. Alas.


  1. mikecap on 6/27/07 at 2:01 pm

    I’m sure you’re going to have a ton of people wanting to see HP, and you always take me to see things, so I will leave it to you to determine if there’s someone else out there who wants to see it more badly than me… but I will go if no one else fits the bill.   🙂