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Archive for February 2008

Walkin’ with my doggie

I got to work from home today (snow!) so I ended up having some spare time to oh, you know, make a video. Please to enjoy Ciara, on her daily morning walk. A la snow. P.S. Music is “Midnight in Moscow,” by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.

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A crackin’ good time

I'm not sure about the message Lucas Films is trying to send by mailing me a whip. Devo indeed Well, that's not true. I do in fact know exactly what message they're sending: "Really, 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is an awesome title, and you really should go see the new Indiana Jones movie when…

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In which I get paid

The story won't appear on "Well Told Tales" for another, oh, say, 10 months, but I won't turn down an early payment. My first official fiction writing check, below (munged of course for security): I'm a fabulous millionaire. I own an mansion and a yacht Those who know my alternate screen names online will find…

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Tuesday night video: The dog, the sock, and the YouTube

I have quadrupled (maybe more) my YouTube content. This be Ciara my crazy, sock-lovin’ cairn. I’ve got a few other shorties up there now, too, just click over here. Looking to pare down my extensive video collection to include some of my favorite clips over the next few weeks, just to contribute to the collective…

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Recent forays in the cupcake trade

So, prior to getting viciously ill, I set about making cupcakes for this past weekend. No. 1: For Cameron's birthday. No. 2: For Mike's Super Bowl party. For those who may have a vicarious cupcake interest, I present to you first the birthday cakes: Red Velvet Delicious There was a second tray of the birthday…

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Rock the vote

I can hear her from the other room on CNN. Hillary, making some kind of positive, upbeat, "see, look what I can do" speech. I'm not mad, precisely. Just a little disheartened. And oddly sanguine, because it all makes sense. When I got up this morning I was rousing myself from a good 36-hour long-building…

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