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Archive for January 2007

Welcome to the world

Baby Sydney, Elder Sister of the Interloper Dear Natalie Reese, You may just be a day old, but someone's already blogging about you! How exciting is that? Who knows, by the time you're old enough to know what a blog is, we might all be doing it merely by thinking of posting — at least…

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Those wacky Nigerians are at it again

Nigeria Here I Come! Oh, happy day! My financial worries are at an end. Clearly having decided that I'm too wily to get caught up in a Nigerian Bank Scam, the scammers are now offering me work! I knew that having a skeptical nature would come in handy. Allow me to share with you my…

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Yeah, that’s worth ten cents…..

For those with some spare free time, my friend Joey's house is gonna be famous! HGTV came over for their "Design on a Dime" show something like eight years ago (maybe less) and re-did a room in their L.A. house. Now Joey and his wife Jen's digs are finally going nationwide. Here's the schedule: HGTV"Design…

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Call of the wild

Here, kitty kitty If you're lucky, you can go through your whole life and not have a survival story to trot out with your friends at the bar, following a few drinks. For most of us, survival means you didn't get broadsided when someone drove through a red light, or you didn't step in the…

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A Dog’s Life

Useless More from the Irish. What you've got here, see, is a farm dog who's afraid of sheep, but rather fancies the cows. Wonderful. P.S. If anyone knows how to get Vox to let me embed the video, I'd love to hear it. Talk about useless.

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Luck of the Irish

Went to see a preview of this upcoming indie film "Seraphim Falls." Didn't know a thing about the story, but didn't have to, because the leads are Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. Hello! All that yummy Irishness 'n all. The screening was full of people you'd probably recognize, including Moby, who sat in the same…

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Making choices

Gah! Having been traumatized by the whole publishing process in the past — traumatized enough to not have really done more than put a toe in the water — I'm trying to approach things this time around with a sense of rational organization. Nevertheless, part of me is running around the house, hands flailing in…

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Bad English, Part 2

Vengeance is mine! Or, at least some version of it Spam is scary. Almost as scary as bad spelling. But once again, how come the title of the Slashdot entry is spelled wrong, while the tag is spelled right? At least uniform bad spelling would make sense.

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  Oh, the infamy Well, the things you do learn. Hello to anyone from LiveJournal who hits it over here. Apparently you're now able to cross-post, of a kind, from one journal to the next. I like the look, cost, and usability of Vox so I'll be sticking here, but there are lots of lovely…

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