Luck of the Irish

Went to see a preview of this upcoming indie film "Seraphim Falls." Didn't know a thing about the story, but didn't have to, because the leads are Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. Hello! All that yummy Irishness 'n all.

The screening was full of people you'd probably recognize, including Moby, who sat in the same row as me

Alas, Mr. Big was Noth there.

Those who know me know that was a sore disappointment. I was robbed of looking at the back of his head for two hours.

(And yes, taking surreptitious photos with my cell phone is actually the No. 1 use I have for it these days.)

As for the film, it was interesting. Didn't follow an expected story pattern, in that it took its sweet old time explaining just why the hell Liam Neeson was pursuing Pierce Brosnan through the snowy mountains and into the dry desert in post Civil War America.

In the end, the why wasn't exactly the most important thing, and I thought it had a very strange deus ex machina in the sudden appearance of Anjelica Huston in the fourth act, but maybe she was a shared hallucination. In any case, intriguing.

And, it has the best sudden-appearance-out-of-nowhere I've seen in a long while. It's kind of an old trope in things like Westerns, I suppose, but I sure wasn't expecting it.

It also never quite explains why it's called Seraphim Falls, although I suppose that could have been the name of Neeson's farm. Not that anyone exactly says so.

And that'll do me for now. It's been a movie-licious day, what with the Oscar noms, and I'm a bit tired.

But: Yay Helen Mirren!