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Archive for November 2006

Bad English, Part 1

Ineffectual This pains me. And it's not because of the adoption element. And it's not just because of the use of "affect" in the wrong context. It's because someone uses it correctly in the lead, and bolloxes it up for the headline and the URL. Gah! UPDATE: Fixed!

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The most wonderful time of the year

Sacked Out As Thanksgiving recedes and I fail to write about it due to time constraints, I fear the events of that week may never be recorded for all posterity. Eh, who cares. I'll get to it if I can. What I'm stuck on now is my complete addiction to Palmer chocolate candy. Seriously. You've…

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The new world disorder

So I'm standing in line at the post office, ready to mail out some Ebay items. There's a line of about 15 people wrapping around in a "c" shape. Someone has left their black canvas knapsack in the middle of the floor, near but not in the line, with the backings of some stickered items…

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Post-Turkey tease

Austin Zoo Warning I was going to try and update the past week's comings, goings, eatings, laughings and eye-rollings, but I'm just too bloody tired right now. So that'll be tomorrow. For now, I leave you with the best thing I saw that whole weekend (other than my niece, Sydney): The warning notices at the…

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The other side of the lens

Jr. Network News What a lot of people who watch TV news don't realize, or don't think about — and frankly, why would they — is that those talking heads the newsreaders keep cutting to for expert opinion are not just in another room, they're often in another building, in another city. They're often in…

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Best birthday ever

Birthday flowers For someone my age, I really shouldn't be as yanked about my birthday as I am, but there you are. I've never had a problem telling people how old I am, having the somewhat Pollyannaish view that you're only that age for 365 days (sometimes 366) and you may as well enjoy it…

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This or that

I can't decide what's worse: Women who don't look behind to see what they may have left behind on the toilet seat before they leave it all behind; or toilet stall doors that appear to lock closed, then swing wide open once you're seated. It's a close call.

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Sexy Daniel beast

James Bond, Take 6 This is making me feel warm all over. It's all about the good reviews by the British press for the new James Bond film, "Casino Royale." I've been a Bond fan since before I was really allowed to watch them. Mom and Dad had a TV set in their bedroom we…

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My Dog is A Plumber (Woof Woof)

Be kind. It's my first attempt at a video, and Ciara's first moving-picture starring role. Dick Cavett, who narrates, has had more experience with this. And if it doesn't show up properly here, go here. UPDATE: After over a month, Vox had not posted the video, so just go to the link to view it.

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In the wee small hours of the morning

It is 6:30. In the morning. On Saturday morning. I went to bed around 2 in the morning and I woke up about an hour ago. I'm blasted. Simply blasted. But I also can't sleep because there's a hamster going around in a wheel in my brain and he won't stop. What started out as…

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