The other side of the lens

What a lot of people who watch TV news don't realize, or don't think about — and frankly, why would they — is that those talking heads the newsreaders keep cutting to for expert opinion are not just in another room, they're often in another building, in another city. They're often in a small soundproof cubicle in a third-party business's offices looking at the blank staring eye of a video camera and trying to imagine that the yellow dot reflection of the light is actually a sign of humanity.

That was me, on Sunday morning. MSNBC called me in (I've done this a few times now) to share an opinion on whatever they think needs an opinion. I've done the Fall TV season, I've done James Bond. (Well, that was for CNN.) (And I wish I'd done James Bond in other ways, see below posts.)

Sunday they had a burning need to know about the O.J. show that was supposed to air on Fox on November 27 and 29. I called up our resident TV expert on Saturday and got a few good tidbits over the whole thing to flavor the report, one of which was "there's a 10-15% chance they won't even air the show."

Which, saints preserve us all, they have just now announced they won't. Also, the book is being pulled.

Truth is, once the decision is made — the devil gets his signature — to do something like that O.J. book and TV show, I actually support airing/publishing. (I'd prefer if nobody decided to do it in the first place, but once jeopardy has attached, so to speak, I believe in the concept.) I don't like him, or what he has to say, but he does have the right to say it. As we should have the right to publicly shun him. Censorship in any form hurts us all. If what can be said is so damaging to your beliefs, it might be time to re-address your belief system.

What I wanted, I detailed here: Get the jurors from the case to talk. Any regrets? Even one says, "Well, I've had a few," you've got gold. And if anyone says "No, I firmly believe in what I did," you've also got gold.

And now that the book and show are history, I still think the juror show is one worth pursuing.


  1. R.G. Ryan on 11/21/06 at 6:10 am

    Yours sounds like an exciting life…and re: the OJ thing…so glad it’s not going to happen. I’d love to hear about your writing sometime.