The Web, in 72 Pt. Font

Well, the Web she does lose something in the translation when you have to view her in enormous type font.

I've had PRK surgery on my eyes (having "asymmetrical corneas" means you don't get LASIK if you want it) and the healing process is longer than with LASIK. It means I still have tiny lenses actually in my eyes post-surgery (they also plug up your tear ducts, believe it or not) and things like TV, computers, then sun, whitened teeth and other bright objects hurt to view too long.

(I'm currently viewing my posting in a huge font, head slightly turned away from the screen, in wraparound sunglasses.)

I do expect to be up and posting/reading again soon — probably by Monday — but thought I'd make a bookmarker here for anyone who'd had a vague notion that I'd dropped off the planet.

And thanks to the wonderful friends who have checked in already or looked after me or driven me home (in that latter case, getting his car towed in the process). Hugs and kisses and good karma to y'all.

Back in time.

(Now, where's the "Post" button?)


  1. LasikExpert on 6/24/07 at 2:00 pm

    [this is good]

    PRK has a much slower vision recovery than Lasik, but in the long-term your outcome is likely to be equal or better than it would have been with Lasik. You can expect very poor vision for 1-3 days, “functional fuzzy” vision for about a week, and then good vision quality will return over the next few weeks and months.

    Glenn Hagele