3.22.19 5 days and counting: An ‘Across the Universe’ spotlight on Lawrence Watt-Evans

In honor of our OMG WE GOT FUNDED NOW LET’S HIT STRETCH GOALS OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS ALSO NOW SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN* excitement for our speculative fiction, alternate universe book of Beatles short stories, Across the Universe, I am spotlighting one of our already-committed authors each day. All of our authors should be committed, but one at a time, please.

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5 Hirsute Reasons Why Lawrence Watt-Evans is a Fascinating Writer, Though Some Could Be Complete Fantasy

  1. His name is not actually Lawrence Watt-Evans. Nor is it Nathan Archer, though he’s written under both names. His name is actually Lawrence Watt Evans without the hyphen and now we have to rethink everything. As he noted on his web page, “No one is really named Watt-Evans; if you encounter fictional characters with the name, they were named after me.”
  2. That all may be true, but we have now discovered that in the Elite Universe there lives a planet named Hepa 4a, and on that planet is something called the Watt-Evans Depot. With a hyphen! Which tells us that either Lawrence has a sweet vacation spot in a very distant part of the universe, or someone’s doing him a solid.
  3. For his contribution to Across the Universe, Lawrence says his story is based on the premise that “Paul really did die in a car wreck in January 1967, and a time traveler replaced him with an alternate version.” Koo koo kachoo to you, too.
  4. Lawrence once won a Hugo Award (in 1988) for writing about hamburgers. Vegans and vegetarians have reportedly boycotted the ceremony ever since, though this is completely unverifiable.
  5. Based on his photos, Lawrence rocks a mighty beard. It’s on Kenny Rogers/Grizzly Adams levels of amazing. We think he might have picked up tips on how to make it so incredible during his many trips to Hepa 4a.
Beard envy.

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