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Katy Perry is not an anti-Semite. Probably.

I don't wander out in the world looking to get offended. If you go out looking for a fight, a fight will find you. But sometimes you don't have to look. That said, I have to ask: Katy Perry, really? For those who may not know, Katy Perry has a video coming out Thursday in…

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New religion

Skipped SXSW, the film/interactive/music extravaganza nuttiness in Austin, TX this year. Didn't miss it. Even more strangely, I didn't blink much when I learned that The Band of My Youth would be headlining a show at Stubb's, one of the best rib joints in the city, and home to big acts during the madness (including…

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Take the needle from the record

Thriller I had Thriller. Somewhere out there, 36 million (or thereabouts) did, or still do. I remember how it folded out in gatefold style (albums, folks, albums) to reveal Michael Jackson lounging in a white suit, black shirt (unbuttoned just slightly) and a tiger cub crawling on him. I can't say it was sexy, I…

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One of these days I'll have a TV in the same room as my computer (or my TV and my computer will have made sweet, sweet love and joined together in holy matrimony) and I'll be able to liveblog "Rock of Love Bus." Since I can't, I'll just have to scamper off to watch it…

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