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Archive for April 2007

Food experimentation!

Edamame hummus So I was at this party this evening (note to self: Always, always get City Bakery to cater your events, should you ever have events to cater. And should you ever have the money to cater events) and came across a large bowl of something green and pureed looking and definitely not guacamole,…

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Boots made for walkin’

My new hiking boots have arrived: Kayland Vertigo High I will name them Jed. I love them more than is seemly for a collection of rubber and leather and nylon. And I paid more than is seemly, too. But they'll keep my feets safe on the Rocky Mountain hiking trip in July. They got the…

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First, do no harm

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision outlawing a medical practice which, to all intents and purposes, does not exist, there's been much reason for concern and fretting and the like over the past week. I've made my point clear with anyone who'll ask (and some who don't). I actually have two of them:…

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Who dressed you?

Jeez, you can take me out but you can't dress me up. Maybe it's some kind of Pig-Pen effect. But when I left the house I thought I was fine. On the subway I discovered that the zip on my skirt is coming undone from the fabric and there's a little poochy-out space at the…

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Cranial ephemera

Fantasy I'm not sure where this comes from, but … Am I the only one who watched "Fantasy Island" and really, really wanted something bad to happen to Mr. Rourke? I remember one episode where he got kidnapped, and I was kind of keen on seeing him all flustered and confused and pissed off and…

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Registration completed!

Registration Seal I have been legitimized! It's been just under two full months since I sent my story off to the U.S. Copyright Office (I know, it's copyrighted as soon as I create it, but I feel safer and more legit this way) and the wheels of bureaucracy have finally turned far enough to grant…

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Oops. From my birthday entry last year: Just finished up another Neil Gaiman Sandman book and Cormac McCarthy's "The Road," which is the bleakest, most depressing, most — frankly — useless post-apocalyptic book I've ever read. It's pretentious up the wazoo, eschewing apostrophes in contractions and occasionally purposefully (I have to assume) misspelling things like…

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My first time

I'm all flushed. Seriously, it's hot in this apartment despite the chill outside, but I'm all verklempt because I've finally got a query letter I think I can live with. I'm sending it off tomorrow to an agent. They're local to where I live, which was part of the appeal in some strange way —…

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We all scream

Yummy! For anyone who might have been feeling a little down lately, due to things like: – the crappy weather – tax time – significant other breaking up with you – Kurt Vonnegut shuffling off the mortal coil – the state of the world today – the state of bees in the world today I…

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April showers

The slap slap, pat pat of the rain as it is coming down — as it has been coming down all day — is comforting, is womb-like. I'm comforted by the enclosed feeling of sopping, sodden, saturated outside and the endless variations of dripping that float in through my screened windows, which give me permission…

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