Food experimentation!

So I was at this party this evening (note to self: Always, always get City Bakery to cater your events, should you ever have events to cater. And should you ever have the money to cater events) and came across a large bowl of something green and pureed looking and definitely not guacamole, perched next to enormous papadums. So I asked, thinking it had to be weird guac, or maybe wasabi something.

Nope: Edamame hummus.

Now, I understand through the power of the Internets that you can't have a hummus that isn't made of chickpeas/garbanzos, but for shortcuts sake, that's really what this was. And let me tell you:

Blew my socks off. I had to take several of the ginormous papdums on my plate to disguise the obscene amount of green stuff I'd heaped onto it. Result: Amazing with papadums. Not as hot with fresh potato chips. But I sense experimentation is needed.

I thought this was some kind of new thing, but of course, there are already a dozen recipes on the Web. I'll be assembling the troops for some cooking soon. Anyone who knows this recipe have a good version to offer?