Who dressed you?

Jeez, you can take me out but you can't dress me up.

Maybe it's some kind of Pig-Pen effect.

But when I left the house I thought I was fine. On the subway I discovered that the zip on my skirt is coming undone from the fabric and there's a little poochy-out space at the base of the zipper. I am exposed!

Then I got to work and noticed the cardigan has all kinds of odd, tiny, dark spots on the midsection.

Clearly, this is an outfit I put away last spring and never got around to cleaning or mending. And forgot about it. I also put some blame on the crapola lighting in my house, which apparently is too dim to highlight such faux pas.

But it's not the only thing that's dim. Crikey!

At least I'm not going anywhere important tonight. Nobody would want to be seen with me.