Two observations

No. 1

Altitude-sickness-prevention drugs (Acetazolamid, to be specific), if
consumed widely, could kill the soda industry. I've been on them for
two days (off to Colorado and 10,000 feet tomorrow) and Coke and Pepsi
products now have a terrible, metallic taste. Lord knows where I'll get
my caffeine fix now. (Not from coffee, thank you.)

No. 2

When someone comes up to you at a Mets game and says "Want your picture taken? It's free!" they're not technically lying. It doesn't cost you anything to get your picture taken.

It does cost you if you want to get a copy of it. This gem on the left can be mine, as a 14×18 Commemorative Etched Glass Frame with 24k Gold Overlay Team Coin & Minted Bronze Coin with Field dirt (DIRT!) for a mere $249.99 smackers. Or I could get four wallets for $9.99. Unless it was the World Series and I'd caught the Game Winning Ball and been proposed marriage by Simon Le Bon on the JumboTron, I don't think I'd need that plaque.

Could be wrong, though.


  1. mikecap on 7/13/07 at 9:15 am

    I need a haircut!!!