The eyes have it

And so, let the healing continue.

Yesterday, the "bandage" lenses that were letting the cornea heal came off. And if there's anything more unnerving than a doctor coming at your eyes with a pair of tweezers (!) I can't think of it. Even Hal the blinking eye was less scary.

Oh, wait, I thought of something: A doctor coming at your eye with a pair of tweezers to peel off something called a bandage contact lens.

The left eye is a trooper, no problem. The right eye, he said, had the bandage on a bit more tightly, and so it hurt a fair amount once it came out. And continues to feel like there's something in there even today. That's due to — and this is a complete butchery of medical terminology, I'm sure — something called … shit, now I can't even remember what that is. But it has something to do with a white thing being in the eye and it'll go away and I have to keep putting Magic Shell Acid in my eye four times a day for the time being to get rid of it. In both eyes.

On the eye test, I'm already seeing at 20/20, although the last 20 of that 20 is quite fuzzy. For about 30 seconds when I put drops in my eyes (acid aside) I can see beautifully, which is what they say it will be like once everything heals. The doc said today that the bandage had kept everything smooth while healing, so I saw great for a period (although it was cloudy). Once the bandage was off, the cornea was now irregular and bumpy and will take time to smooth out — think of your wrinkly skin under a long-worn band-aid. When I put drops in that fills in the "wrinkles" and so I can see 20/20 or better for a few seconds, and then it's back to fuzz-land. I'm still bumping up text on the Web to about 24 point (or two hits of control-+).

I did enjoy the new "Die Hard" movie last night, because vision is not an issue when Bruce Willis's head is 30 feet on the screen ahead. (In short: There's some fun, fantastic effects, it's just as plausable/or lack thereof as always, and I saw a new way to shoot the bad guy when you're in a no-win situation. So in short, it worked for me!) Later on, trying to read menus, however, I felt like a 70 year old grandmother, leaning in to get a better look.

Oh, and I'm back at work.