Thanks and giving, and giving, and giving….

First, there were nachos and cheese and crackers.

Then there was ham and turkey breast and stuffing and corn (with a whole stick of butter!) and gravy and cranberry and pickles and rolls and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and I think that's the whole schmear but I could have forgotten something.
And there were mournful dogs on the floor begging for scraps and there were two children one of whom watched TV and one of whom looked at us solemnly with her ear infection and sniffly nose and ate mashed potatoes for the first time.

Then there was rest of a kind.

Then there was sleepytime for children.

Then there was "Grey's Anatomy."

Then there was Dutch apple pie and ice cream. And green tea chocolates.

Then there was contented happiness before driving home.

And that was Thanksgiving this year, in Austin, TX.
Tonight, there are leftovers. So we do it all again in about 45 minutes.

Hope yours was as delightful and tasty and everything else special,
that nothing broke and everything that was consumed stayed down and
that you have leftovers.

And that you have as much fun as my almost-year-old niece Natalie did when we turned her upside down and shook her for quarters.