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Randee Dawn

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Are you out of your skull? Actually….

A heady feeling Well, the skull that scared Ciara is done. Or about 95 percent so. Here she is hanging up and drying, but I had to reinforce the head and am reinforcing the bottom where all the candy will sit when it's hanging up, full. Mike bought half-price candy today and now it's all…

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Halloween cupcakes: The first batch

These were harder to do than they looked! But tasty, too. My fingers are all multicolored and smudged from where the icing melted a bit there. Anyway, as promised back here, with the Mandala O' Candy (sounds like a porn name) I have now designed several cupcakes for tomorrow's gathering. (The big gathering remains on…

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Getting ahead with Ciara

I've been working on a Dia de los Muertos skull pinata for Saturday's party. It's a paper mache thing, and it's still got the balloon inside keeping it filled, so I dangle it upside down while it's drying from the latest coat of gluewater. Ciara has finally taken notice. Ciara Meets The Skull You can't…

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‘Tis the season

Went out shopping for Halloween candy today. (Dylan's has all the best stuff. Gummy brains!) Not the prepackaged stuff; kids don't come to my neighborhood. No, no, the candy to put on top of the Halloween cupcakes I will be making closer to the date. And then I felt arty about it all. I Want…

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