Are you out of your skull? Actually….

Well, the skull that scared Ciara is done. Or about 95 percent so. Here she is hanging up and drying, but I had to reinforce the head and am reinforcing the bottom where all the candy will sit when it's hanging up, full. Mike bought half-price candy today and now it's all stuffed up and drying, ready for Saturday.

Ciara is ignoring it for now. She has a rawhide chew.

Also: The mag is going national tomorrow! Well, it's been national but now we'll have day-and-date on this side of the Mississippi. Which is a big deal.

I'm hoping to blog and do a little snarking, a little illumination, a little funny on the new development (now that I'll be able to see it the day it comes out) every day, over here at Past Deadline. Come on over and check us out, first thing, every morning!

What I really need now is a good title for the column.

Happy post-Halloween/All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos!