Sunday schedule

So for those who have an interest in such things, I'll be appearing on Alex Witt's news show on MSNBC tomorrow at 9:15 ET and 10:40 ET. In the ay-em, as they say. Which kills a late Saturday night, I tell you.

We will be discussing how Michael Moore's new film "Sicko" is already available at Since Moore himself is on the record as not caring about piracy (so long as someone's not making money out of it), I think it'll be a short discussion. Done twice. But we'll see.

And for those who want the inside scoop, I will essentially be blind: I can't wear contacts any more because I'm having PRK surgery next Thursday and I will not be seen on national television — even a station viewed, at this time and day, by approximately 6 people — in glasses.

Of course, I tried this once before — went on camera without glasses or correction — and it was a scary thing. We were taping a cooking-with-Indian-food segment for a history project (don't ask) and I'd done my preparation the night before of the dish (so you can show a finished project) and was apparently not as efficient about washing my hands before removing my lenses as I should have been. Next morning it was like putting curry powder in my eyes. So, had to wear glasses for the taping. Refused to. Now, you try and get a frying pan hot and ready for cooking without being able to see it properly. Mom was practically wetting herself when she saw the tape; she said I looked like Mr. Magoo.

Maybe I'll wear glasses after all.


  1. R.G. Ryan on 6/17/07 at 6:45 am

    It’s 6:43 AM PDT…stink! I missed you. Bummer.