Special recipe

We're going here for dinner on Friday to celebrate a friend's birthday. A snapshot from their Web page:

And I'm sort of left wondering how this particular phrasing came about. (Read the red-word paragraph.) I mean, did a customer really once come to their restaurant having seen the original version of the Web site and wonder, "Senor, what is this 'zeal' you say you include in your recipes? Is it like MSG?"

Maybe someone just thought it was a kooky Cuban catch word for "spicy."

I'd like to think our collective level of ignorance hasn't yet reached this level.


  1. snoringKatZ on 1/23/08 at 3:35 pm

    Perhaps it was more of a bifocals issue?  “No, Grampa – ZEAL not VEAL…”

  2. Armchair News on 1/23/08 at 6:38 pm

    Lol! You may have a  point!