Little buggers

Last night I went to bed at the (now, in my old age) outrageously late hour of 1:30 am. In summer months I usually sleep on top of my sheets, but there was enough of a draft that I tucked my legs under the comforter.

An hour later I woke up with an itch on my lower calf and one on my left pinky. The one on the pinky was so intense it actually felt like — I can only guess — the kind of deep-tissue itch burn victims or amputees must feel. It was actually painful.

I turned on the light and I had a clearly raised white blotch on the leg, and a less-clearly raised white blotch on the pinky, and no clear indication as to what had made either. For one thing, the leg was under the frickin' covers, and for another — the pinky? Desperate bugger, whatever it was. And unlike a mosquito bite there was no clear puncture hole. So I was left creeped out (I hate the idea of bugs on me as I sleep) and tried to go back to sleep bundled up in my single top sheet, with only my head sticking out. It was hot, but I did it.

And woke up with another similar inflammation under my right eye.

This happens every so often, that I get an ambitious mosquito (band name!) in the bedroom (I am assuming, of course), but it completely creeps me the fuck out. I meant to buy some citronella today and forgot, so I'm going to have to sleep in long sleeves and pants and coat the rest of me in bug spray. Which, you know, is exactly how everyone loves to go to bed.


  1. Cameron G Rose on 8/18/08 at 6:09 am

    Try using peppermint soap. I’ve learned mosquitos hate peppermint. I once rolled over in teh middle of the night and crushed a bee…with my jaw. And considering I’m allegic to bee stings almost stopped breathing. Stay out of our beds, buggers!

  2. Armchair News on 8/18/08 at 8:55 am

    GAH, that’s pretty awful.

    Watched Bear Gryllis on “Man vs. Wild” over the weekend and he stranded himself in Baja and tried to get some honey from a bees’ nest … only one stung his face but he spent the rest of the episode with his eyes practically swollen shut, and looked almost unrecognizable.

    Peppermint, huh? Will investigate. Thanks!

  3. Cameron G Rose on 8/18/08 at 11:00 am

    they were eating me alive one summer in Olympia WA but then I started using Dr. Bronner peppermint soap and they stopped!