Light up the night

Fire dancing
Yes, they're dark. And yes, you don't know a thing about what's going on. But the point is: I went to a party. After dark, firedancers and firespinners showed up, and while drums went on and on, they showed us what they could do with some lamp oil, some balls on the end of chains, some wire contraptions for the fingers, and a lighter. The spinners were pretty thrilling; one of them threw some lamp oil on the ground in a square and lit it up while he spun. Another caught his trousers on fire, but no damage done. The dancers wore the homemade contraptions on their hands and did elegant, sensual dances until the lights went out.

Once I saw a few other people getting their fire on with the wire contraptions, I asked if I could jump in. I mean, the opportunity does not present every day.

First, they made sure I had nothing on but organic fabrics (apparently synthetics stick to the skin, a tip worth knowing). I also had to tie my hair back, for obvious reasons. And I opted to do it without shoes. So while the drums went on and some ethereal music played, I just did my thing. Lori was on hand to snap some pictures, but just with a little digital, hence the quality at the left. But at least someone captured the moment.

Yes, I missed yesterday after having just promised to post once a day. But you go to a movie premiere and after party and get home at 12:30 knowing you have to get up for a 9am meeting and you decide if you can hold off on the posting. I know I could. I did.

More on that probably tomorrow, when things are dull again.