I’ve had dreams like this before…

You know the one, where you have an enormous supply of Good Stuff to choose from and can take all you want and they keep on bringing out more and you can't seem to get to the bottom of the pile?

Yeah, those. I had that this morning in real life: Billboard, one of our sister publications, is moving floors (as we will be soon) and they're doing a Major Clearance. There's an enormous table filled with stacks of free CDs. Mostly junk, mostly singles, but some definite gold in them thar hills:

I got me some Lyle Lovett, Elvis Costello, Ricky Lee Jones, Neil Diamond, Weird Al and even Triumph, the Insult Dog (Craig will be happy). And all freeeeeeee!

Life is good.

And it was really good yesterday, too, as I got me some flowers from the main squeeze:

I am such a soft touch. But you know, ORCHIDS. Thank'ee, Mikey. (They're still condomized for the journey home.)