Gotta have the sweet stuff

Has there been some kind of undeclared shortage of chocolate out there?

Because while the squirrel who couldn't help himself was cute and prompted me to make a LOLsquirrel for Noralita

… I'm not sure what to say about Catherine Anne Delgado, of my home state, who couldn't seem to help herself either:

Delgado had chocolate smeared on her arms and shirt, and there was so
much unwrapped chocolate in her purse that it was spilling out onto a
hotel sofa. Eagle-eyed Officer Robert Galusha recognized the fudge "to
be of the same type which is sold at A.L. Goodies" a block from the
hotel. A check of the candy store revealed a break-in, which was
captured on several surveillance cameras. As cops investigated, Delgado
unsuccessfully tried to flush fudge bricks down a hotel toilet. The
"large amount of fudge" clogged up the toilet, reported police.

The sad thing now is I really want a Galaxy bar.

Oh, won't someone think of the children? The squirrels? The just-plain-squirrelly?