Gotta get up, gotta go to work …

They say writing first thing in the morning is a good habit to learn to get into. Get up earlier, sit down at the keyboard, and just start writing.

That's kind of what I'm doing at this point. But even I can see there are problems with that notion:

1. If you already get up at 5:15 to do whatever it is you need to do to get ready for work (my case: I work out, then shower, then start at 7 am), the concept of getting up even an hour earlier comes with a serious case of head-banging on the desk.

2. At the moment, my office is the bedroom. Or the bedroom is the office. And at least one of us is still in bed at 6:15. Laptop? Sure, it's possible. My laptop has an M key that sticks occasionally and then there's the whole setting up process. But it's another hindrance.

3. Here's my main issue, and this comes attached to writing blog posts in the short time between when I get up and when I start work: You are a blank slate. You haven't caught up on the day's events. You're still fuzzy from getting up. You have no topic. I am sure some of the more prolific bloggers out there pre-write posts to put up as needed. And when I find that time, I'll let you know.

Routine is important. I'd meant to do an hour of writing every day at least. But it is amazing how the day — and then the post-dinner night — gets away from you. Last night, we had in-house errands. Too late after them! Tonight, I may be running out to (hopefully) join a singing group. Too bad! And then we're at Friday. Maybe Friday.

Okay, definitely. Just not at oh-my-God-crack-of-dawn.