Fashion Tips for the Coming Culture Wars

So, the Golden Globes are cancelled. Sigh.

That doesn't mean we can't use clothes to make a statement. There are two events coming up I'd like to publicize — not just 'coz I'm planning on getting involved, but in at least one case it's a good cause and in the other case … well, who doesn't dream of taking their pants off in public? Read on:


This from the ACLU today:

This Friday, you can join thousands of people across the country in marking a sad anniversary with an act of hope.

first prisoners arrived at the U.S. prison at Guantánamo Bay on January
11, 2002. Guantánamo quickly became an international embarrassment. It
has made a mockery of our laws and values for six long years. We won’t
allow seven; this is the year we are going to end the national

the ACLU has set January 11th as a day of protest, declaring that it’s
long past time that we put an end to illegality and close down
Guantánamo. The ACLU and organizations across the country are asking
people of conscience to wear orange to protest Guantánamo. I hope you
will consider standing in solidarity by wearing orange on Friday as

New York City, we are planning to mark January 11 with an orange
visibility event. We want to make sure everyone in the country sees
someone wearing orange on January 11. To do that, we plan to attend the
Today Show where audience members congregate outside the studio and are
seen by millions of home viewers.

WHAT: Today Show
Wear orange if you have it, otherwise materials will be provided.
No signs, please.
WHEN: Friday January 11, 2008
6:15 – 6:30 AM
WHERE: Meet on the north side of 48th St. between 5th & 6th Avenue
6:15 – 6:30 AM

If you can join us, please RSVP by Thursday, January 10 for further instructions to

If you aren’t able to join us on Friday morning, we hope you will get involved in one of the following ways:

has become a stain on our nation’s honor. That is why it is so
important you join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are
demanding the closure of the prison at Guantánamo on January 11th.

Thank you for standing with people of conscience to demand the US government close Guantánamo once and for all.

Thank you,

Anthony D. Romero, ACLU
Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director ACLU

P.S. There is so much more we can do to spread the word and encourage others to join in this protest. Check here for more ways to get involved.


Well, need you ask? Saturday is Improv Everywhere's 7th annual No Pants on the Subway Day! This, from those crazy folks at IE:

While the 7th Annual No Pants Subway Ride is happening in New York this Saturday, there will be 7
other No Pants Rides held in cities across the world.  Here are the Facebook event pages for all
of the regional events:

New York:
Washington DC:
Portland, OR:
San Francisco:
Adelaide, Australia:

If you don't see your city on that list, and you have a subway or other form of mass
transportation, then start your own event and post the event link on the wall of the Improv
Everywhere facebook group:

If you don't have Facebook, you can read all the details for all of the rides on our website here:

In other news, Improv Everywhere will be featured this Friday night at 10 PM on ABC's 20/20.  They
are doing a special on "happiness" and there is a brief segment on IE in the opening act of the
program.  For those of you who were at the No Pants ride in 2004 that 20/20 filmed, you may see
yourself in some of the footage.  There will also be shots of other missions, including The Mp3
Experiment Four from this summer.

Also, in case you missed it, our "No Shirts" mission was featured in Marie Claire magazine last

And finally a special shout out to long time IE agent Ace$Thugg whose book, "A Million Bucks By
30," was released this week.  Available now in bookstores and on his site,

Happy New Year!

So it has come to this. My email is dictating my fashion sense. Suppose it had to happen sometime.


  1. LeendaDLL on 1/07/08 at 6:36 pm

    In south Orange County (SoCal), we have an annual Moon Amtrack day.