Making an ass out of you and me (mostly me) plus, pork recipes

Eh, so there you go: One week into the blog and I skip a day. It happens.

Still continuing Paleo, best as I can: We went to dinner on Sunday (discussed) and I had lunch with a colleague yesterday. Did pretty good there: No bread from the table, ordered more sea bass. It came with soba noodles, which I had swapped out for broccoli, so the only questionable item was the miso soup it came in, but that's mainly about the salt.

Last night for dinner I improvised with our pork cutlets, making up an apple-walnut-olive oil-sage-thyme concoction in the pan and then adding it to the meat that went in the oven. The thing about pork is it needs slow cooking and we don't give it enough, so the meat was a bit tough but the apple/walnut combo was delish. I have to atone for all my years of hating on walnuts. I still don't want them in my brownies, but alone and in recipes like this they are terrific.

Unrelated: Know how you sometimes hear what you wanna hear? Had a great example of that yesterday. I thought my colleague had said she'd have her company pay for lunch, but that made zero sense because she's a freelancer like me. She has no expense account! So I took 100% of the responsibility for the faux pas when it came out over lunch, and all is well. Yet another way in which life is not like a sitcom.