Best Sopranos recap

And evaluation is here. I wish I'd found this blog sooner than just a few weeks ago; Matt Zoller Seitz is an excellent explicator and writer.

The creeping sense of numbness and despair, the
sense that the best (whatever that means) is over, and the concurrent
sense that nothing that happens to us is as important as important to
history, or even to our friends and relatives, as we'd like think, that
when we're gone we'll probably be forgotten like 99.99999% of the human
race, is encoded in every line and scene of this finale. Almost nobody
gives a damn about your life but you, and according to Chase, there's a
good chance you don't give as much of a damn as you think, because if
did, you would have already changed yourself to match your idealized

I've decided: Excellent episode/series ending. I imagine we'll see it parodied in coming months or years, though of course never as successfully.

Now, I just wish I could get "Don't Stop Believin'" out of my head. Has anyone called Steve Perry to see what he thinks?

Oh, wait, I could do that….

UPDATE: Someone did check with the band.


  1. renee on 6/18/07 at 10:33 pm

    I just wanted to point out that one of my first posts was regarding the Sopranos finale. QoTD