All good things

A lovely, perfect day on the isle of Manhattan.

A lovely, perfect day that was a wee bit windy, so all the seed pouches flew from the trees making beige-colored snow against the blue, blue sky.

Here's what's great about good things coming together at once:

I left my cell phone at home. Since I was meeting up with Mike and we usually have reason to touch base with said phone, I wasn't sure if this was going to be a disaster. Fortunately, we were meeting up outside the big deity-like glass box on 5th Avenue known as the Apple store. You can almost hear the angels weep when you go inside: It's clean, it's functional, it's friendly and it has the best computers known to man all over the insides. And they're on. And they're hooked up to the Net. There are even low benches with soft seats for children to hook up. It is just marvelous.

(My Dell computer is frowning at me with all the bytes it can muster. Yes, there is cognitive dissonance here.)

Anyway: I get on the Net and check my address book on Earthlink. Nope, didn't save his number there. No point in sending an email, as he's probably on his way. I need to text the man, and I need to do it without having his number or a cell phone. What to do?

Head over to his LiveJournal account, that's what. Because you can text people now by just typing in the message and hitting "send."

The Internets+AppleStore+LiveJournal = A lovely future on a lovely day.

The downside — it took two hours for the text to arrive, long after it was necessary. But it is nice to know that it's there if needed, if a little slow.

The rest of this very lovely day included: amazing gelato (and it had better be amazing if you wait in line for an hour for it) at the new Grom; the view off of the top of Belvedere Castle; petting another cairn terrier (this one also chunky, named Sam); seeing a woman with orange-and-yellow-and-red curly dreads; and lots and lots of cheese at a new restaurant I'd never heard of and whose name now escapes (oh, wait, it's Casellula, which I'm told means "cheese hut" or something approximate — it was marvelous, and it has a dish called "Pig's Ass," which makes me love it lots). And, of course, lots of hand-holding and nice things of that order. Squee!

Oh! And the NBC folks renewed "Law & Order," which is officially hanging by its fingernails. But I care not, the show, it goes on. You can't kill the machine.

Must go. Dog is whining. Not from being hungry. From being too lame to fetch her own ball, which has rolled behind a cabinet door.

Dog: WOE.
Me: You are very lame. But I will help.
Dog: I love you. Ballballballballballball…..