A New York Times mystery

Discovered floating alone in its own whitespace, not in the classifieds section, of today's New York Times. A Google of "Francis Laight" pulls up virtually nothing, and nothing relevant. The quote, if that's what it is, also doesn't jog any links.

It's also vaguely creepy, like someone's telling someone else where they've buried the body.

Why do I feel like I've just stumbled into a "Desperately Seeking Susan" moment?

Thoughts, speculation and solutions are welcome!


  1. Cameron G Rose on 1/20/07 at 3:28 pm

    well one thing, I can say is I saw a billboard in Seattle that said “Tina will you marry me? Tony” I thought it was a really sweet. I would LOVE to have somebody ask me to marry them that way. Turns out it was an advert for Tony and Tina.


    probadly the least romantic explaination but a logical one.