3.21.19 7 days to go: An ‘Across the Universe’ spotlight on Keith R.A. DeCandido

In honor of our OMG WE GOT FUNDED NOW LET’S HIT STRETCH GOALS OVER THE NEXT SEVEN (OR SIX) DAYS* excitement for our speculative fiction, alternate universe book of Beatles short stories, Across the Universe, I am spotlighting one of our already-committed authors each day. All of our authors should be committed, but one at a time, please.

Meanwhile, here’s our Kickstarter link! This book is totally happening now, so get your special rewards now — and set us up to include even more stories, before you miss out!

*Depending on when you see the Kickstarter, there will be 7 or 6 days left since the day flips in the middle of it. How inconvenient!

7 Sweet Reasons You Need to Know Keith R.A. DeCandido, Though Some May Be Fake News

  1. Keith R.A. DeCandido has a name with one extra initial in the middle of it than most people have, and we’re not sure what those two letters stand for. It could be Rockin’ Away, or Really Awesome, or Red Apple, but we — oh, wait, Wikipedia knows.
  2. His surname comes from his parents, though it is unverified if they were Tony Orlando and Dawn fans. Instead, he has claimed they were fans of Star Trek and that he became an SF fan in the womb.
  3. Keith’s story for Across the Universe will feature the Beatles as “four adventurers in a D&D-type fantasy world. Paul is an elf, John is a wizard, George is a seer, and Ringo is a dwarf.” Please proceed, Mr. D.
  4. KRA(D)C, as I like to think of him, once was involved in a public-access cable TV show in NYC about SF called The Ronic Chrift. Or maybe The Chronic Rift. In any case, it became a podcast in 2008. KRA(D)C is a man of many talents.
  5. KRA(D)C is the author of dozens of Star Trek novellas, short stories, comic books, novels, eBooks, and I suggested one of our stretch goal rewards was that he and fellow contributor David Gerrold battle to the death for Trek Supremacy. I was reminded that would leave us down one very talented contributor if that happened, and so I abandoned my quest.
  6. Keith actually lives in a house that looks exactly like the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701), but due to its cloaking device actually resembles a very normal domicile.
  7. As a declared “hoopy frood,” Keith always knows where his towel is.
DeCandido makes us think of candy.

Convinced? Back us now and find out just how awesome this anthology is gonna be. Plus, you get a book out of it!


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