3.20.19 8 days to go: An ‘Across the Universe’ spotlight on Cat Rambo

In honor of our 8-days-and-counting* to either being fully funded or fully irritated that we weren’t fully funded for our speculative fiction, alternate universe book of Beatles short stories, Across the Universe, I have decided to spotlight one of our already-committed authors each day. All of our authors should be committed, but one at a time, please.

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*Depending on when you see the Kickstarter, there will be 8 or 7 days left since the day flips in the middle of it. How inconvenient!

8 Reasons why Cat Rambo is a Purr-fect Author, Not All of Which Are Verified

  1. Cat Rambo, like Spider Robinson, is not actually anything other than human. Though she might have retractable claws.
  2. If there was a competition to determine the Greatest Science Fiction Name Ever, Cat’s would win by more than just a whisker.
  3. Everyone should sing “Hail to the Chief” when she enters the room, because she is on her second term as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) president. I’m humming it right now.
  4. Cat is contributing an original story to our very nearly fully funded at this exact moment anthology, Across the Universe. It will take place, as she described it, “In post-apocalyptic Seattle, someone shows up at the market with 4 animatronic Beatles.”
  5. This has left open a wide range of possibilities for her Fabricated Four to cover original Beatles tunes. Suggested titles: “Superconductor Fields Forever,” “And Your Siri Can Sing,” “Don’t Let Me Download,” “Fixing a Hole (In My Outer Casing)” and “When I’m 64-Gigs.” (All to be released on Apple Records, natch.
  6. Her blog is at a domain called Kitty Wumpus, and is called The World Remains Mysterious. It features a mer-kitteh drawing, and of course the mer-kit is wearing a crown. We do not believe that Cat Rambo embodies the meaning behind the slightly-differently-spelled “kittywampus,” which means “disorganized” or “poorly done,” but we do agree things can be a bit wonderfully chaotic in her tales.
  7. On odd Thursday evenings, when the moon is full, Cat Rambo turns into a sleek panther who stalks her victims in tea shops. You may placate her with Roobios.
  8. She has been writing a fair bit about “hopepunk” recently (this is the antithesis of grimdark fiction) and we like where this is all going. “Hopepunk is a movement that understands the importance of stories and how they can affect change, and so hopepunk often — perhaps even usually — has casts that are as diverse as the world around us, featuring characters of color, transexuals, a-romantics, differently-abled, and more, building empathy by showing that there are certain basic things any of us want, regardless of which other or others we do or don’t belong to,” she says. We couldn’t have said it better.
The woman with kaleidoscope hair goes by

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