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Archive for February 2009

Mini-rant of the afternoon

Today I have been assaulted by poor spelling. I've come to learn to live with this. The fact is that most people can't spell, or don't give a shit about checking, so you end up with ignorance that spreads like rancid icing over a freshly-baked cake. But when it comes from supposedly reputable sources, I…

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“Smart people are disenfranchised.”

Adam Sing it, brother. Yeah, he's loud and can be obnoxious, but I'm a carryover fan of Adam Carolla's from his "Loveline" days with Dr. Drew (on whom I had an unseemly crush for some time). Adam's been doing this great morning show with KLSX in Los Angeles for a while, and I stumbled upon…

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The (Occasional) Daily Dog

For Love of Chair Now that I read the morning paper at the dining room table like a) a normal person b) a person of leisure, Ciara has taken to joining me on a nearby chair. Largely, I sense, because my leftover food sits waiting for the sink and she's hoping to get involved before…

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One of these days I'll have a TV in the same room as my computer (or my TV and my computer will have made sweet, sweet love and joined together in holy matrimony) and I'll be able to liveblog "Rock of Love Bus." Since I can't, I'll just have to scamper off to watch it…

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Doing it right

So, now that I'm working from home, all my phone bills belong to me. That means I'm learning just how much I was using the phone in reality, as opposed to the pittance I tended to use when I was just on my own time. Here now, a difference between a Good Customer Experience, and…

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