“Smart people are disenfranchised.”

Sing it, brother.

Yeah, he's loud and can be obnoxious, but I'm a carryover fan of Adam Carolla's from his "Loveline" days with Dr. Drew (on whom I had an unseemly crush for some time).

Adam's been doing this great morning show with KLSX in Los Angeles for a while, and I stumbled upon the podcast version of it (just the show cut up into chunks) via iTunes. Didn't care for all of it, but the great idea with the chunky bits was I could grab what I wanted. One of my favorites: "Made Up Movie," where folks called in with a movie title and he and his cohorts made up movies based on it. And a lot of them sounded not just plausible, but better than a lot of the dreck on the big screen.

When I ran into Joel McHale (a frequent guest on Adam's show, where he plugs "The Soup" every week) we had a great time discussing just how awesome Adam's show is.

Anyway, KLSX decided to go all-music, which is what always happens when I find something I like, so Adam's show went dark on Friday.

Today, he started with his own personal podcast, which is an obviously stripped-down version of his real show — no cohorts, no guests, no phone ins, but he's working on it.

Yes, this is the guy who brought us "The Man Show," but he's actually quite brilliant. Jimmy Kimmel, his buddy and fellow "Man Show" host is doing quite well — it's time for Adam to do the same. He's got a CBS sitcom pilot that just got picked up, but frankly, I'm happy if he just stays on the radio.

Me, I'll be tuning in. Here's where you can get the daily podcasts, for now. Alert to those with pure, innocent ears: He swears quite a bit.