12.31.17 Arisia 2018 Schedule

Come find me at Arisia in Boston over MLK Weekend in 2018! Here’s my schedule:

Friday, Jan. 12, 11:30pm – 12:45am (Bulfinch)
Author’s Late-Night Writer’s Cafe
Night owls … is the Muse talking, but you can’t go back to your room? Bring your laptops and tap away at your keys, building wonderful worlds and heart-wrenching characters, hanging out with other writers until the wee hours of the morning, unworried about whether your mumbled dialogue or computer’s blue screen is keeping your roomies awake. Bring your own extension cords! Note: This is a writer decompress event; come prepared for some inspiration and a chance to get some words on the page!
Also scheduled to appear: Jacqui B., Tom Deady, Cecilia Tan

Saturday, Jan. 13, 10-11:15am (Adams)
Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Come discover your new favorite writer as members of Broad Universe read short excerpts from their work. Each writer has just a few minutes to show you what she’s capable of! We offer chocolate and the chance to win prizes. Broad Universe is an international organization that supports women writers, editors, and publishers.
Also scheduled to appear: Morven Westfield, Victoria Sandbrook, LJ Cohen, Julie C. Day, Dianna Sanchez, Trisha Wooldridge, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Anna Erishkigal, Heather Albano

Saturday, Jan. 13, 7-8:15pm (Douglas)
Rewriting Fairy Tales: Updating Our Mythologies
With anthologies such as The Starlit Wood, along with many authors choosing to rewrite and rework old fairy tales, what is the purpose of rewriting our myths, or writing new ones? What can we learn about ourselves when we bring these old stories into today? What is the purpose of creating new fairy tales?
Also scheduled to appear: Trisha Wooldridge, Marzell Barker, Connie Wilkins, Felicitas Ivey

Sunday, Jan. 14, 8:30am – 9:45am (Faneuil)
1982: The Year No One Left the Theater
One of the greatest years in the history of genre movies, 1982 saw the release of *E.T.: The Extraterrestrial*, *Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan*, *Blade Runner*, *The Thing*, *Tron*, *Poltergeist*, *The Secret of NIMH*, *The Dark Crystal*, *Conan the Barbarian*… what was in the water that led to this much concentrated awesome?
Also scheduled to appear: Victoria Janssen, Stephen R. Wilk, Nomi S. Burstein, Terry Franklin

Sunday, Jan. 14, 7-8:15 pm (Burroughs)
TV Year in Review
Our annual look back at SF, horror, and fantasy in 2017 on TV (including streaming services). What were the memorable shows? What are the new ones to watch? What’s hot and what’s not?
Also scheduled to appear: Griffin, Gordon Linzner, Joylights


  1. Crystal Collier on 1/17/18 at 5:01 pm

    I hope the event was epic. I’m new here, but we spent MLK day at Busch Gardens in Florida. I suppose that’s one of the joys of living here–going out while everyone else is freezing indoors. =) We’re only missing a cheese factory. Add that and life would be complete.

    • Randee on 1/17/18 at 7:41 pm

      Arisia is always pretty epic! Hope you get to go at some point — if you haven’t already been. Very much worth it for an indie author!