12.01.22 How to be your very best mango? Tune in … to this video!

Are you your best mango?

Well, Tune in Tomorrow, which has now been out since August, will explain everything about how you (or at least its lead character Starr) can embrace your inner mango!

Mangoes are the best of all the fruits, and years ago I came up with a little song to sing as you were preparing your mango for consumption. It was pretty basic: “Mango, mango; mango, mango.” And then you ate the mango.

I gave that to Starr in the book, but expanded it a bit more — she not only finds the spark of joy that will make her a true actor while performing improv as a singing mango, she’s also discovered. Jason, her future executive producer, spots her during this moment and is charmed forever. Later in the story, when she has to summon up her courage, she turns it into a mantra: Be the mango. Be the mango.

I sang it at the book release party for Tune in Tomorrow in August: Mango tune

Which is a lot of traction for a fruit, no matter how delicious.

Then my husband, who loves funny songs, came up with a whole tune that goes with “Be the Mango.” It’s damn-ass catchy and I just love it. But rather than keep it only as a song, I got a guy to put together a whole video. Which I am now presenting to you!

Watch “Be the Mango.” And go out and … be your best mango!

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  1. Nightwing on 12/02/22 at 1:20 pm

    That is too wonderful for words!!!!!!

  2. Sally Wiener Grotta on 12/03/22 at 9:25 pm

    How wonderful

    • Randee Dawn on 12/04/22 at 1:35 pm

      Ain’t he something?