11.12.16 ‘I’m done with you people’

I saw a headline this morning that read something like “Mike Pence doesn’t accept evolution, and here’s why that matters,” here was my reaction:

I’m done with you people.

Utterly spent, completely done, worn down, nothing but raw bone showing.

I think I’ve been done since I went to bed in tears around 11pm on Tuesday night, and I’ve really only gotten more done in the ensuing days. I am not listening to NPR re-hash it all again, and I’m averting my eyes and ears whenever the subject comes up on TV or in the newspaper. I find memequotes from various historical figures and philosophers ridiculous and sad when I see them on social media, because of course this is what happens next, this has been happening to us for decades now, but in slow motion. Did we not all learn anything from the idea that for every reaction there is an equal an opposite reaction?

This is not the same as putting my head in the sand. I’m not doing an ostrich thing.

I’m saving myself and my energy.

Yes, a better person might be mounting a call for change, for action, for protest and revolution (many have). But let’s say you do take to the streets. What are you decrying? The fact that someone you don’t like was elected fair and square by half of the country, who have now proven themselves to exist in a mental space somewhere between gullible, racist and unthinking? That nearly half of registered voters simply did not turn up, deciding that it didn’t matter (thereby allying themselves with the worst candidate this country has ever seen)?

I’m done with you people.

Caveat: If you voted Clinton — for whatever reason — I’m not done with you.

If you abstained or voted some other way, I’m done being charitable, and I have this to say: Fuck you. Fuck all y’all with no vision, who exist in a state of fear or cruelty, who need to grow the hell up already and let the rest of us start living in the bright future we want to make while you soak in the filthy waters of the past.

Thanks to those jokers, we have to settle into four years (if not more, depending on whether the constitution/other branches of government survive, or if there’s a re-election — and don’t think that couldn’t happen, just start watching panic ramp up in 2019) of headlines like “your new vice-president doesn’t believe in evolution.”

I already know what Samantha Bee will say. I already know what John Oliver will say. I know it because they’ve been saying it eloquently, crudely and hilariously for months if not years now and guess what? It makes not a damn bit of difference. He got elected anyway.

My echo chamber now has an eviction notice.

See, life is short. I’ve had these conversations and fought these battles and argued and reasoned and pleaded and tried to make change for most of my life and here I am, still fighting the same idiotic battles with the same idiotic faces and mean-spirited narrow hateful people. Don’t believe in evolution? Fine. I no longer give a crap. Want to kill off women’s reproductive rights? I’ll donate heavily against you, but I’m not engaging in debate. Feel like making sure every child receives an AK-47 on his 3rd birthday? You go right fucking ahead with that.

I just can’t work up the energy to do this all over again, every few years, until I kick off in another couple of decades.

I’m done with you people.

The rest of you, feel free to argue me out of this. It’s gonna take a while.

And for all of us, time to break out or buy anew the classic American Apology T-Shirt (pictured above), which first came into fashion in the early 2000s, the last time we had a moron running things (though Shrub was a different kind of stupid). Get yours here.



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  1. J.H. Moncrieff on 12/07/16 at 5:27 pm

    Wow, this resonates with me so much. The results of your election and the hatred that followed have been devastating. Meanwhile, our PM has betrayed us, moving ahead with pipelines he indicated would not go through before he was elected.

    Standing Rock. Innocent blacks gunned down by cops who get off. The list goes on and on and on.

    It’s hard to figure out what to do. Screaming about it doesn’t work. Thoughtful blog posts and books only have an impact on those who already agree. It’s tempting to hide away from the world to protect our sanity, but I’m not comfortable with that, either–thought I’ve certainly considered it, many times. Problem is, I don’t know what the right thing to do about it IS anymore. Guess I’ll keep screaming and writing until I figure it out.

    And get lots of cuddles from cats, who are as sane as they’ve ever been.