Ick fades, yearning rises

While it seems unlikely anyone is reading this, I am endeavoring to be consistent! Here we are on Day 3 of the Paleo. Most of the icky feeling is gone, though I feel a teensy bit queasy. Also beginning to long for some cheese and bread.

But thus far: It is true that you aren't hungry. The only problem is the only way to sate that hunger are fruits, veggies, seeds/nuts and meat. And sometimes you just want something with chocolate.

The good news is that I have decided, against years of reverse belief, that I like walnuts raw. That and almonds. I didn't think my palate would expand further at this age, but there you are. Also, I had figs last night and they were delish!

In other unrelated news: So, Romney wins by a half a hair in Iowa? This does not surprise me. He is the Republican's Kerry: They don't really like him, but they ain't got nothing more presidential.