Open meal decisions

Week two of the Paleo!

That makes it sound more exciting than it is. Though seriously, it's not a bad food program to be on; I'm not really craving bread or chocolate. I'm certainly not over either of those things; I'd have a slice of challah and butter in a second if I didn't think it was the road to ruin, but I'm okay. Last night M and I went out to a restaurant for the first time since starting up Paleo — Persian Glatt Kosher, if you like that combo — and one nice thing about the "diet" is that you can do open meals. In theory, at this stage, I can do 3 "eat what you like within moderation" a week; I did maybe one all of last week. So while I didn't go bananas at the restaurant — my main course was grilled sea bass with salad — I also didn't feel bad having baba ganoush with two triangles of pita bread and a few pickles. The place even gave free fruit for dessert, so that was completely on schedule.

Weighed self; nothing huge to report but again, nothing to compare it against. Here's the baseline, and the best I can say is it wasn't horrible considering how much I ate over the holidays. It was reasonable, which says to me I probably dropped a bit last week before the weighing. But next Sunday should provide a better measure.

Also worth noting: Not feeling ill. Definitely back to normal now.

Unrelated: Saw a CBS Sunday Morning program while working out this AM that talked about charisma, and how something like 3/4 of people say this weighs heavily in their presidential decision-making. I guess I can respect that honesty, but the truth is charisma scares me a bit: It covers — or can cover — a multitude of sins, and I'm always a little wary of people who seem a little too … glowing. Am I alone in this?