The relentless publicity march … begins

So, a big shout out to Frank DeCaro and Jim Colucci, who brought me into their big gay show (The Frank DeCaro Show) on OutQ – Sirius 109 | XM 98
Satellite Radio

And yes, I can call it big and gay because that's just part of the channel it's on — and because they're big, gay and wonderful. So thanks to both of you guys.

I'd never been to SiriusXM before; frankly, I never gave what their offices might look like more than a few moments thought. I don't have satellite radio, though it is one of the cooler apps I could have on my life's iPhone — but I don't drive and just don't have blocks of time where it would make sense.

But there I was, in the McGraw Hill building in NYC going up to the 36th floor and in a way it was like stepping back in time and in the future all at once. The space! The lavish glass walls and big screens announcing what was playing at any given time on dozens of the satellite stations! Walls of Plexiglas that had been signed by hundreds of visitors over the years (though Paul McCartney got his own special space on a pillar). Jim noted that they never know who they're going to find in the lobby on any given day — anyone from Katie Couric to Ghostface Killah could be hanging there, waiting to go on the radio.

Inside are dozens of cubicles stacked with what looks like a partial car dashboard — in order to accommodate the satellite; computers stand everywhere, waiting to be used by anyone — I saw more than one person randomly checking email, as if they were in the airport. And then we came to the rows and rows of glass paneled studios, each for a different radio show. Frank's show (Jim drops in once a week to do a TV wrap-up) is across from Martha Stewart and Opie and Anthony (they have inner curtains; wonder if Martha recom

mended the design). You expect radio to be kind of low-rent and dingy, but these studios are "Frasier"-worthy, and the sodas are (ah, 90s nostalgia) all FREE. It's been a while since I could sigh about an office, but this is a great, great place.

So I got about 10-15 minutes to discuss the "L&O: SVU" book, and we covered everything from the recent cast negotiations to the reasons why you don't want a network endorsement, why Chris Meloni is hot to all the sexes and why Mariska Hargitay's character Olivia Benson is not a lesbian — though Frank's co-host in L.A. just wanted to hear me say it, so I did. You go with the flow, baby. And while I had an occasional brain fart — remembering the characters' names seemed beyond me so I did a lot of "Chris Meloni's character…." comments — I had a great deal of fun, just laughing about one of my favorite shows with two amazing raconteurs.

And later, Jim even blogged about the book — so I will reciprocate here. Thanks again, you guys! It was a great big gay day of fun for me.